Our 8 Favorite Minimalist Color Palettes that you can use for your Brand

One of the most exciting parts of establishing your brand is your visuals. And colors play a huge part for your brand identity. It can create a sense of happiness, excitement or calmness. Although it is fun picking out colors for your brand, it can be truly overwhelming! Here we round up 8 of our […]

How to craft your own unique brand using our Free Branding WorksheetFree personal branding worksheet for creative business entrepreneurs, wedding photographer and fine art wedding photographers.

get your free branding worksheet Building a Solid Brand – The heart behind your business Creating a memorable and relatable brand is one of the most important steps you need to undertake as a business owner. Beyond your impressive logo, your company’s brand will help you strengthen your connection with existing clients and get you […]

Our Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Update Your Site This Year

Are you loving the website that you have now? If your answer is no or not really – stop reading now and talk to us! A website should showcase your work beautifully and attract your dream clients. Because there is no point in having a website that will not help you and your business grow. […]