Our 8 Favorite Minimalist Color Palettes that you can use for your Brand

One of the most exciting parts of establishing your brand is your visuals. And colors play a huge part for your brand identity. It can create a sense of happiness, excitement or calmness. Although it is fun picking out colors for your brand, it can be truly overwhelming! Here we round up 8 of our favorite color combinations that you can use for your brand. Perfect for fine-art wedding photographers, interior designers, and other creative entrepreneurs who want a clean, modern and minimalist feel for their brand.

Warm Nudes

Perfect for female fine-art wedding photographers. With blush and a warm nude for the main colors, this color combo would complement your bright toned wedding photos.
Modern, Minimalist, Soft, Romantic, Feminine

Warm color palette inspiration, ideas for wedding photographers and web design.

Blue Greys

For that minimalist feel, gray colors are your best friend! You will never go wrong with a tan-gray main and an ash gray and blue-gray supporting color. The blue color means trust worthy, and gives a calming feel. We see this color combo used by other creatives like interior designers.
Modern, Minimalist, Calming, Authoritative 

Color palettes inspiration with blue grey tone for modern and minimalistic approach for interior designers.

Blush & Ash

For a not so feminine color combination, you can pair up blush with gray! We also love the Dust color here that complements the blush color for that soft feeling. We see a lot of fine art wedding photographers use this color combo.
Modern, Minimalist, Clean, Feminine

Blue and Ash color palettes inspiration and ideas for fine art wedding photographers.

Great Outdoors

Inspired by colors of the great outdoors, this color combo is perfect for photographers who love to incorporate landscapes and nature to their photos. Colors are muted and would go well with fine art minimalist photos.
Minimalist, Energetic, Muted, Natural

Sepia, Ivory, Porcelain and Sage combination color palettes branding guide, inspiration and ideas for nature lover and outdoor photographers

Lavender Fields

We love the lavender and mocha colors on this color palette. It is not so common but still gives that minimalist feel, lavender also gives the feeling of luxury.
Luxurious, Minimalist, Creative, Sensitive

Lavender, Mocha, Smoke and Ash color combination palettes inspiration and ideas for minimalistic creatives and wedding photographers.

Coffee Boost

With rust as the main color, this color combo gives an energetic vibe. The rust with an undertone of orange and brown gives a comforting feeling. This color combo is the base for our own brand and definitely embodies our brand identity of being warm and welcoming!
Warm, Welcoming, Friendly, Energetic

Coffee boost color combination palettes inspiration and ideas for your brand identity of being warm and welcoming.


A very soothing color palette. Green means blooming and fresh. This color palette is also a favorite of creatives and photographers, it just feels good for your eyes and complements bright toned photos. 
Fresh, Blooming, Soft, Gentle

Forest, Matcha, Grey and Sand color combination palettes guide and branding inspiration for interior designers, fine art wedding photographers websites, outdoor photographers ,logos and web design.


Bright colors inspired by the sea. Blue, coral and a touch of blush gives a happy and calm feeling. Perfect for photographers who needs a bright color for their palette.
Minimalist, Peaceful, Gentle 

Navy, coral, concrete and blush color combination palettes guide and branding inspiration for interior designers, fine art wedding photographers websites, outdoor photographers ,logos and web design.
Loved a color combo? Let us know! Hope this post helped you narrow down your brand colors. If you need more help, give us a chat and we would love to help!
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