Our Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Update Your Site This Year

Are you loving the website that you have now?

If your answer is no or not really – stop reading now and talk to us! A website should showcase your work beautifully and attract your dream clients. Because there is no point in having a website that will not help you and your business grow.

Although, it is not enough to just have a website. Users are more particular and picky, and there are a lot of brands out there that are competing to have their attention. Keeping your website updated, modern, fast and more importantly SEO friendly, is a must for your website.

Uncertain whether you need a website revamp? Check out the 5 reasons why your current website may need a new fresh look this year!

1. It’s unmemorable and doesn’t stand out

Check websites of your competitors to gauge whether your website is standing out. Is your website looking very much like the others within your area? Be competitive by keeping your content new and your website design fresh, modern and easy to use! This makes you trust worthy as a brand and this could easily convert those website users into clients.

2. It doesn’t reflect your brand

Your website is a powerful marketing tool. It is one of the most important brand touchpoint that you have as a business. If you’ve updated your brand recently, or if your photography style evolved throughout the years – make sure that this change is embodied on your current website. Keeping your website out-dated may point you to the wrong clients that wants your old style of work.

3. You’re not getting the right clients

Design has a big impact on your business. The style of your work is as important as how you present your work. Always curate your photos to make sure that you are putting out only the best of your work – and the work that you want to do more of. This should go as far as the colors, typography, gallery style that you use on your website. Keeping a consistent look and feel on your website will help point you to the right clients. Consistency is key!

Your website is a powerful marketing tool. It is one of the most important brand touchpoint that you have as a business.

4. Your website is slow

This affects your website users’ experience. Always check your website if load times are fast. One thing to always consider is the internet speed of users, not everyone are using a reliable internet connection. Choose only the best of your work, you do not need all of your previous clients gallery on your website. Do not forget to optimize your images for website use. Keeping plugins and themes updated also help in website speed as well as security, so if your website was done 2 or more years before – chances are you are running an old version of the technology used on your website. Website technologies have evolved so much since then, make sure you are always using the most reliable and updated on your website.

5. Your website is not Mobile friendly

In average, 60% of your users are using their mobile phones in accessing your site. So having a good looking and fast loading website on mobile is a must! You are loosing almost half of your potential clients if your site doesn’t work on mobile.

Bonus: Your website is not SEO friendly

Harness the full potential of your website by making sure that your website is SEO friendly. SEO helps in driving more traffic to your site, more viewers means more potential clients! Do you think that a revamp is needed for your website? Do not hesitate to talk to us if you need help updating your website. We would love to chat!
Why you may need to update your site this year! For photographer and creative biz owners. this year
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